WHY RETROFIT WITH ENERGY EFFICIENT BULBS?The new technology provides beautiful, energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting.  Their versatility makes them appropriate for a number of applications.  Making the commitment is simple, once you know the benefits.  Here is a short list of encouragement.


  • Energy efficient lighting, including plasma, cold cathode, induction and LEDs use approximately 75% less energy than a normal incandescent bulb
  • After you retrofit you gain immediate and recurring annual energy savings
  • Rebates and tax incentives are oftentimes available to help offset the cost
  • The quickest ROI (return on investment) of any facility upgrade: FGI specializes in ROI’s less than 2 years—often they are one year or less
  • The fastest major facility upgrade: retrofitting existing lighting is a quick, turn-key process
  • Decreased maintenance costs due to the longevity of the bulbs; perfect for lights that are difficult to replace
  • Additional decreased energy costs—LEDs radiate little heat—keeping your facility cooler and potentially decreasing your air conditioning needs
  • No costly disposal of bulbs
  • Reduction of hazardous waste from discarded light bulbs
  • More money in everyone’s pocket: the U.S. Department of Energy estimates adoption of LEDs could save Americans $265 billion by 2027.


  • Wide array of products make them appropriate for nearly any application
  • High quality light available in cool, neutral, and warm tones
  • Dimmable
  • Compatible with other control options that can reduce your energy consumption even more and enhance your environment
  • Directional: light where you need it
  • Retrofitting requires no special fixtures or equipment


  • Solid State technology
  • Withstand cold
  • Withstand vibrations
  • Long bulb lifetime means quality light that lasts 50,000 to 100,000 hours
  • Can be turned on and off repeatedly without reducing the life of the bulb
  • No annoying buzzing
  • No “ramp up” time; LEDs achieve full brightness instantly


  • Decreases the carbon footprint: daily, Americans emit 16 million tons of carbon dioxide during the production of energy.
  • Reduces electricity demand: with widespread adoption of LEDs, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates the demand will decrease 33% by 2027 and avoid building 40 new power plants
  • Non-toxic; unlike other energy-efficient lighting products, LEDs contain no harmful ingredients, such as lead or mercury, in their manufacturing
  • No special disposal is needed (for you know–someday they’ll eventually burn out, but by then you will probably have willed them to your kids).

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