Tax Deductions


In addition to utility rebates, you may qualify for a federal tax deduction through EPAct (Energy Policy Act of 2005).  FGI has become one of the most versed entities in the country in assisting customers with EPAct certifications and assurances that the customer will receive the Federal Tax Deductions.  FGI is licensed to certify your project for an up to .60 per square foot accelerated tax deduction. For more information about Epact, please see:
If we are removing fluorescent lighting from your facility, FGI will also provide the business owner with certification of waste disposal to provide to the EPA.

Note: Epact benefits expired as of December 31, 2013 but it is our hope that the benefits will be extended. We will still be collecting data on our lighting projects just in case we are able to retroactively certify the project if benefits are extended by a congressional vote.

“FGI was invaluable during the process –bringing in a wide of range of samples for our selection, working directly with the Snohomish County PUD for the procurement of a rebate, and providing us with documentation for a tax deduction.”
Janet Berwick, Owner, Paddywack