FGI is a member of the NW Trade Ally Network and works closely with all the utility companies to ensure that you receive the highest rebate on your project.


The majority of utility companies offer rebates when you replace light bulbs with new energy-efficient lighting in a commercial building.  ForeverGreen Illumination, working closely with your local utility, will ensure you receive the maximum rebates and savings available to help keep the transition costs down.  We work with the utilities and take care of all the paperwork, so you won’t have to. FGI has a close working relationship with most of the utilities in the Northwest and is a member of the NW Trade Ally Network.

“Initially Puget Sound Energy had denied an incentive request for the project.  FGI worked directly with them and was able to convince them to reverse the decision.  Bellevue Towers received an incentive that greatly reduced the expense of the job.”
Jim Davidson, General Manager Bellevue Towers


Rebates and federal tax deductions help reduce the cost of an energy-efficient lighting retrofit, greatly reducing the time of your return on investment.  A lighting retrofit is the least-costly facility upgrade with the greatest immediate benefits.  Right now utility incentives are helping with the cost. Imagine, a building improvement that actually has a payback (you don’t get that with carpet and paint) and your utility is willing to help pay to improve your facility. The minute you replace your light bulbs you consume less energy and ROIs are usually under 2 years, and often in less than 6 months.

“Their supervision of this project allowed me to concentrate on my business and not worry about the paperwork needed to complete the project.”  
Janet Berwick, Owner, Paddywack