Other retrofitting companies will sell you lighting products.We don’t.

ForeverGreen Illumination offers a service.  When we started this company with such a boutique, turn-key approach, traditional lighting distributors told us it couldn’t be done. That just made us want to try harder to create a company that is completely focused on the satisfaction of our clients. We broke all the rules. And we’re not sorry!Our Lighting Analyst wants you to have the best lighting to enhance your environment, decrease your carbon footprint, and decrease your energy consumption. FGI represents YOU, not the manufacturer.  This allows our Lighting Analysts to research energy-efficient lighting choices from different companies all over the world, providing versatility for your lighting needs.  We’re committed to providing you with the best lighting to enhance your specific environments and bring you energy savings.

Nearly every existing light bulb has a viable energy-efficient replacement. Whether your needs are for large industrial spaces like warehouses and parking lots, or smaller places like intimate restaurants, or powder rooms, there is an energy-efficient lighting option.  Not only will the bulbs save you money, but with additional controls, for example dimmers or motion sensors, there is even greater energy, and money, to save.

ForeverGreen Illumination is committed to keeping up-to-date on the rapidly changing technology and products available with LED lighting. FGI has built its own proprietary, custom matching, application that takes the data from your personalized lighting survey and creates recommendations based on the BEST MATCH of the thousands of products out there.

We know your business is unique and we will recommend lighting options that will keep it that way.  We will only recommend lighting solutions that are tested, high quality, and warrantied.

We firmly believe in the long-term product testing done by Lighting Design Lab and Energy Star.  Their diligent testing and recommendations help us sort through the available lighting options to bring you the best on today’s market.  To learn more about them visit:

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