Hallie Ford Museum of Art

“Six months ago I was in a bind.  The Hallie Ford Museum of Art had just received a large donation to retrofit all the galleries with LED lighting.  Prior to this I had sampled a few LEDs provided to me by various distributors and lighting reps.  The only problem was they all wanted to sell me the manufacturer brands they carried.  Given the cost of the lamps, and the critical nature of museum lighting, I wanted to explore as many options as possible.  I found ForeverGreen Illumination on the internet, and gave them a call.  Kathleen Sullivan said she could provide me samples of anything I wanted to see, and she proved to be true to her word.  I can’t even count how many lamps I tried before settling on ones manufactured by LEDnovation.

Throughout the whole process, FGI was professional, friendly, responsive, and very patient when it came to assisting me with my lamp choices.  Ordering was a breeze – FGI worked closely with the manufacturer and with the Oregon Energy Trust for the best pricing and rebate incentives…I can’t recommend FGI highly enough-they made this project happen.
David Andersen, Exhibition Designer/Chief Preparator, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem

“The real seal of approval came when the U.S. Department of Energy completed several studies of LED retrofits in museum settings including the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., the J. Paul Getty Museum in California and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon.  The studies measured the impact of LEDs on a museum environment and showed that LEDs are really good, and if anything, may be better for artwork than the lamps we were using at the time.” David Andersen

This is a great article about the benefits the museum has received by retrofitting: read article here

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