When I look at the new energy efficient bulbs, what kinds of lights are available?
There’s a vast array of lights to choose from. New lamps are made for a variety of replacements including the small candelabra sockets, the bi-pin base sockets and standard sockets, among others.  For standard applications, most have an appearance like traditional bulbs we’ve been accustomed to.  Many options are more glamorous than the traditional. We have samples we can show you so you can see how it will look in your facility. Or you can just trust us. We’re pretty good at this.

I’ve heard energy-efficient lighting doesn’t dim.
LEDs are compatible with most dimmers, allowing greater control over your atmosphere and energy savings.  Incorporating other “controls” you could have motion sensors so your bathroom lights are only on when someone is in there, or an exterior light pops on when there is motion in the area.  Or say, you have a hair salon, and the hair washing room isn’t used often, but it’s creepy if there’s no light on—use a sensor that automatically dims the light when no one is in there.

—and it’s kind of ugly. (Hey…that’s not a question!)

If you look at an LED flashlight and think that’s what all LED light bulbs look like, you’re mistaken. The new LED lamps are beautiful to look at and often have a diffused lens or one light source, making the light look very similar to what you are replacing. Some of the LED retrofit lamps have the look of many little pinpoints of light, which some customers prefer. FGI offers a multitude of different looks and aesthetics is one of our most important factors in choosing your replacements. 

We sell beautiful, appropriate energy-efficient lighting.  Because the lighting is so high-tech, their color temperatures can vary greatly.  So if you want that bright light associated with task lighting, or that a more intimate amber glow we love from incandescent, we can achieve that.

Can’t I just get energy-efficient lights at the hardware store and replace them myself?
                  Of course.  But for most people running a facility, selecting appropriate lighting is a time consuming process that takes a lot of product education. You need an array of lights for different areas for your buildings.  You want to convey some type of atmosphere:  for example safety, or intimacy.  Even in a home, no one JUST HAS 60 watt bulbs on the inside and outside.  Usually the whole process takes a back burner.  ForeverGreen Illumination is continually educating ourselves on the newest technology and applications so we can provide appropriate lighting solutions for your specific needs and budget. FGI will also put commercial grade lamps in your commercial facility, with longer warranties, higher light quality and better manufacturer support. A business shouldn’t have to buy retail grade lamps, your facility deserves better than that. FGI can help you achieve your goals and mitigate your costs by helping with rebates and certifying your business for the special accelerated tax deduction. Working with FGI is the best way to accomplish your goals.

How long does the process take from the initial consultation to the actual installation of the new lighting?
Of course it depends on the size and complexity of the project. After the initial survey and lamp choices, we can have our preliminary findings back to you within a week. Once we send the data forward to your utility, they like a few weeks for their engineering review. Once you are ready to proceed, it’s just a matter of ordering your lamps and scheduling delivery and/or installation. If you want to get things done as quickly as possible to start saving money, we’re committed to an efficient and quick process.

How soon will I start seeing energy savings?
You replace one old bulb with a new energy-efficient one?  It’s immediate.  Retrofit part or all of your facility?  It’s still immediate.  After the installation, you will start saving immediately; and you’ll see it when you get your next bill.

Utility rebates and federal incentives seem to have time-consuming paperwork and specifications I don’t understand.  Do I have to take care of that part?

Our dedicated team communicates with your local utility to discuss your rebate options, generate the engineering report and administer all of the paperwork for you. Additionally, they will explore your federal incentive options, complete all of the paperwork necessary if you qualify, and submit them to you so you can easily include them for tax purposes.

Why do utilities give rebates to switch to energy-efficient lights?
The U.S. loves to use electricity!  Creating new sources, like power plants, to meet the demand is enormously expensive monetarily and environmentally.  Encouraging the use of energy-efficient technology, like lights, conserves energy, easing the need for those drastic sources.  Conserving is the easiest, fastest, least expensive, and most environmentally friendly way to lessen that need.