Energy Savings

Overall Energy Savings

What’s the average amount of electricity used in commercial buildings in the United States on lighting alone? 35%! This doesn’t include the additional affects lighting has on other electrical requirements, such as waste heat that it produces. (Department of Energy; U.S. energy demand continues to increase due to a growing population and ever-increasing market of electrical gadgets.  The strain on the government and local utilities to power our electrical needs is enormous.  Furthermore, Americans want their dependence on foreign energy sources to decrease and the planet wants our carbon footprint decreased.  Building new sources for energy, such as coal fired power plants is extremely costly and can take a huge toll on the environment.Simply conserving energy by using energy-efficient products decreases our consumption and our dependence on CO2 emitting energy production.  Efficient products SAVE consumers MONEY.

“That’s why efficiency truly is the lowest-cost, best new source of energy. Together we can make wise use of our resources and help the environment.” (Avista Utilities)

By substituting inefficient lighting with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting, you reap individual, business, and environmental benefits that affect your community, your country, and your planet.

“If every US home replaced their 5 most frequently used light bulbs w/ energy-efficient ones, we would save $8 billion each year and prevent greenhouse emissions from the equivalent of 10 million cars.” (The Alliance to Save Energy)

As the adoption of LEDs grow, their energy savings potential can be enormous for the nation. According to a recent DOE report, by 2030, energy savings nationally from LEDs can be up to 300 terawatt-hours, or the equivalent annual energy output of about 50, 1,000 megawatt power plants.

These energy savings would also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 210 million metric tons of carbon, and decrease the electricity consumption equivalent to powering 24 million homes” (

ForeverGreen Illumination can help you reap those individual, business, and environmental benefits. Call us today and start saving immediately.