About Us

ForeverGreen Illumination was created because we saw an opportunity: an opportunity to decrease your energy consumption and your carbon footprint while making the environments you work, play, and live in more appealing.  And we saw an opportunity to provide you a service. We help you switch from energy-sapping lighting to energy-efficient lighting.  And we ensure it will be beautiful, affordable, and based solely on YOUR needs.

We’ve got a team for you! FGI is manufacturer-independent.  We’re able to find the best lighting to fit your individual needs and budget from a variety of sources.  We have our own proprietary software that will create a recommendation regarding light matches for your existing lights, put together a report for your utility for rebates, generate your proposal, and evaluate your possible federal tax deduction. Yeah, we have tech guys. Because Steve Jobs would have thought that was cool.

Technology should be so intuitive that nobody stops to think about what it took to achieve it.

Now is the best time to start saving.  Utility rebates and tax incentives will never be higher.  Changing your lighting is an easy, cost-effective, and immediate improvement.

No other company can provide you with the complete expertise that FGI brings to your project.

Call FGI today for a no cost consultation: 1-800-630-7345