Thinking outside the “light bulb”, is what makes Forever Green Illumination special. We do things differently. Every customer is unique and every approach to lighting should be as well.

FGI, based in the Pacific Northwest, is a service oriented lighting company specializing in energy-efficient lighting retrofits from start to finish.  The company is built on a turn-key approach for the customer including:

  • a full energy survey
  • utility negotiations for rebates
  • EPAct tax certification
  • lighting expertise
  • and maximum energy reduction

Because FGI is an independent contractor, we select lighting that fits your individual, site-specific needs from a variety of manufacturers.

FGI will help you reduce your carbon footprint, decrease your energy usage, and decrease your monthly energy cost.  Painlessly and hassle-free.

Contact ForeverGreen Illumination today and we’ll set up a no cost, no obligation assessment with an experienced Lighting Analyst.